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Game idea: What do I do when?

Players : From 2 children from 7 years

What you need : The Kronolino or another wooden music box

How to play :

A child sets a time on the clock and says what they are doing at that time. Example: The first child puts 7:30 on the clock and said: “I have breakfast at 7:30”. The next child then sets a new time and thinks about what they are doing, but before saying the new time and what they are doing at that time, all previous times and actions must be repeated (as in "I'm packing my suitcase ”), so: At 7:30 I have breakfast, at 7:45 I brush my teeth”. The next player repeats everything from the beginning and adds their own time and action: “At 7:30 I have breakfast, at 7:45 I brush my teeth and at 8:30 I play with my Legos” (example). The game continues until the order can no longer be repeated correctly.

What is promoted? Concentration, understanding of time, planning, discipline