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Game idea: What is that sound?

Age: From 3 years

Players: From 2 children

What do you need?
Lots of musical instruments and objects making different sounds.

How is it played?
The children sit on the floor and place all musical instruments in plain sight. One of the children stays with the instruments, the others turn around. Once all the children have turned their backs on him, the child who stayed with the instruments picks up one of the instruments and plays it or makes a distinctive noise. The child then immediately puts the item back in its place.

Now the children can turn around. All children give a guess as to which object or instrument made the noise. Who is correct?

The puzzle is solved by having the child repeat the same sound in front of the other children. Whoever guessed correctly first becomes the new leader. Then the next round begins and the children turn around again.

What is promoted? 
Hearing, association, musicality