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Game idea: Tower builder

Age: From 5 years

Player: From 1 player

What do you need?
The Tetralino

How is it played?

Arranges all Tetralino bricks according to shape and color. Then build a tower:

  1. where each color occurs only once
  2. in which 3 colors occur twice each
  3. where 2 colors occur three times and 3 colors twice
  4. only with blue and green stones
  5. with red, orange and yellow stones - as high as you can!
  6. in which all parts may only stand on the narrow side
  7. with 3 purple, 2 green, 4 red and 3 yellow stones.

There are endless other combinations that you or an accompanying adult can come up with.

What is promoted? 
Focus, recognizing connections, logical combination, concentration