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Game idea: Drum master

Age: From 3 years

Players: From 3 children - the more, the better!

What do you need?
Plenty of pillows, one less pillow as children attend. Alternatively, chairs or other seating options can also be used.

How is it played?
First, the pillows are placed on the floor in a circle. It should be one pillow less than children.

An adult or an outside child plays the drum master. While the drum master drums, the other children run in circles around the cushions. If the drum master drums faster, the children run faster; if he drums slower, they run slower accordingly. If he suddenly stops drumming, each child tries to sit on a pillow. Anyone who is still standing is out.

Then a pillow is removed and the game starts all over again until there are only 2 children and a pillow left. That's the final and whoever sits at the end wins.

What is promoted? 
Concentration, motor skills, coordination, hearing, rhythm