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Game idea: Sound-note salad!

Age: From 6 years

Players: 1 child

What do you need?
The xylophone set or the 16-piece rhythm set from Schmetterline and print out the following free templates for download:

Cards with Notes
Cards without Grades

How is it played?
With this game idea, tones and notes are assigned to the corresponding note in the staff. This is particularly helpful for learning to read music and promotes the logical ability to assign new things to familiar ones.

The enclosed template is printed out, then the individual cards are cut out and placed on the matching tiles of the xylophone. It is easier if the printout is in colour, for advanced users the printout can also be in black and white! Another variant for advanced students are the cards without naming the grade (2nd template).

As soon as all the cards have been placed on the corresponding sound tile, the accompanying adult or another child calls out a note into the room, for example: "G"! The corresponding note must be struck with the wooden mallets as quickly as possible. Then the next note is called and must be found again.

What is promoted?
Logical thinking, theory of music, association between tones and notes, musicality