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Game idea: Marching band

Age: From 3 years

Players: At least 3 children - the more, the better!

What do you need?
Rhythm musical instruments for all children: drums, rattles, tambourines, ratchets, maracas, bell bracelets, egg rattles, castanets, chimes, bells, triangles and other Orff instruments

How is it played?
Each child chooses an instrument. Then all the children line up in a row. For example, you can sort by age or size. A children's song is played in the background, which the children accompany with the instruments. An adult will be brought who can stop the music.

Version 1: When the music stops, the order in the marching band is rearranged: the first child goes at the end of the marching band and the song continues!

Variant 2: When the music stops, each child passes their instrument forward. The child at the end of the marching band picks up their instrument from the first child and stays right in front, becoming the new beginning of the marching band.

Variant 3: When the music stops, each child must remain frozen - as a statue of a musician - until the music starts again.

What is promoted?
Rhythm, hearing, social skills, mobility, notor skills