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Game idea: Gravity experiment

Age: From 3 years

Players: 1 child

What do you need? The Tetralino Set

How is it played? 
Find a place where you can build an inclined plane with the empty Tetralino game board: either you stack a couple of books on top of each other on the table or a box on the floor and place the solid box on it so that it forms a ramp, i.e. a forms an inclined plane. Start with a very steep incline. Then let one Tetralino stone slide down after the other. Do they all slide at the same speed? Then make the level a little flatter, ie take out a book or look for a smaller box so that the inclined level becomes flatter. Then let the Tetralino wooden blocks slide down again. Has anything changed? Finally, you build the inclined plane so flat that the stones just slide down. From what position do the stones stop sliding? Do you know why that is? Just ask your parents or older siblings what they know about friction and gravity!

What is promoted?
Basic understanding of physics, logic, recognizing connections, enthusiasm for learning.