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Game idea: Throwing rings

Age: From 4 years

Player: As wished

What do you need?
Some bowls and the number puzzle

How is it played?
The bowls are placed in a row in front of the children at equal distances, the larger the children, the larger the distance can be chosen. Any number of the number puzzle is then placed in front of each bowl so that it is clearly visible, not all numbers have to appear. Each child then tosses one ring at a time into one of the bowls until the count indicated by the number in front of the bowl is reached, until each bowl is filled with the matching number of rings. The child who finishes a bowl observes whether there are any empty bowls and fills them up. When all bowls are filled, the result achieved in the team is checked together.

What is promoted? 
Allocation of quantities and numbers, understanding of numbers, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, social skills