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Game idea: Musical animal puzzle

Age: From 4 years


Players: One adult and two children, more is better

What do you need? Various rhythm instruments



How is it played?

Each child thinks of an animal that they particularly like or know and keep it for themselves. The accompanying adult then asks a child questions such as:

  • Does this animal move slowly or fast?
  • Does it live on land, in water or in the air?
  • Does it make loud, soft or no noise at all?
  • Is it a peaceful or a dangerous animal?

Each question is answered with an instrument (i.e. without words). For a slow animal, a slow rhythm serves as the response. For example, for an animal that lives in the air, you can swipe the drum. In this way, each child can creatively think up which instrument and which form can be used to produce the appropriate response sound.

All the other children guess together which animal it is. Further questions can be added until the animal has been guessed. The child who guesses the animal correctly becomes the next respondent and uses rhythm instruments to answer questions about his or her animal.

What is promoted? 
Sound competence, creativity, listening to oneself (social competence), association of sound properties, possible use of instruments, listening comprehension, sense of rhythm