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Game idea: Musical stories

Age: From 5 years

Players: 2 children or more

What do you need?

Various rhythm instruments

How is it played?

An adult or the oldest child begins to tell or read a short, freely chosen story. Various rhythm instruments lie in front of the listeners.

Whenever there is a sound that the children can freely imagine that goes with a situation in the story, they take the right instrument and make the sound for a short moment. The narrator pauses, listens to the rhythms and sounds, and then resumes the story.

Younger children can become storytellers of short stories too! Creativity is required here, because many instruments can be used in very different ways! Example: You can not only hit the chimes against each other, you can also rub them against each other.

And so you will definitely find out many new ways that even a triangle sounds like birdsong!

What is promoted? 
Creativity, musicality, hearing, association