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Game idea: My plan

Age: From 5 years

Players: A self-reading child or one or more children and one adult

What do you need? The xylophone set song book or 16 piece rhythm set, a piece of paper and a pen/crayons

How is it played? Find the song “My Plan” in the song book. Ask an adult to read the text to you, or read it yourself if you can already read. Think about what the text means.

  • Why do people plan?
  • Do you also plan some things?
  • What decisions can you make yourself?
  • Have you ever planned something?
  • If yes, how did you do it?
  • Do you think it can be useful to know what lies ahead?
  • Does it feel good to check off something you've already done?

Take a piece of paper and draw or write a plan for the next day on it!

What is promoted?

Self-confidence, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, structure and ability to plan, inner strength