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Game Idea: Ladybug Memo

Player : Any

What you need : The Memolino

How to play:

The youngest player starts. He chooses two of the ladybugs that are spread out on the game board and tries to uncover two of the same pictures. If both pictures are different, the player has to put the ladybugs back in their original place and cover the pictures. However, if both pictures are identical, the player may keep the ladybugs.

The player with the most ladybugs at the end of the game wins. If you play alone, the game is over when all ladybugs have been uncovered.

Tip :

Before you start a new game with another memo picture card, you should first put all the ladybugs back in their place. Lift the top game board and swap or flip the memo picture card. Then put the game board back on the bottom one so that you can continue playing straight away.

Is it promoted? Memory and shape recognition, language skills, fine motor skills, concentration