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Game idea: Making funny rhythm sentences

Age: From 5 years

Players: 2 children or more

What do you need?
Various rhythm instruments

How is it played?
In this game, rhythms are played in progressive steps and should be replayed as correctly as possible.

The older the child, the more punches and words can be combined, we suggest starting with 3-4 punches.

Step 1: A child demonstrates a rhythm - with an instrument of your choice. The next child, whose turn it is, imitates this rhythm exactly - whereby the rhythm sequence can be imitated with another instrument. If this succeeds, the successful second player gets a point.

Step 2: The lead player looks for a suitable word for his rhythm sequence (or looks for the word and plays the rhythm to it) - the longer the word, the more difficult! The word is then spoken or sung to the rhythm. This should also be imitated and spoken by the other children as precisely as possible. Whoever has done this gets a point.

Step 3: The lead player thinks of a short sentence and accompanies it rhythmically. This is also imitated by the other children in turn using the point rules described above.

After evaluating the points, the child with the most points may be the new foreman.

What is promoted? 
Dealing with mistakes, healthy competition, patience, listening to others, feeling for language, hyphenation, sense of rhythm