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Game Idea: Little composer big time!

Age: From 6 years

Players: 1 child

What do you need?
Download the xylophone set from Schmetterline and print out one of the following free templates:

Grading system for beginners
Grading system for advanced learners

How is it played?
Invent different new melodies and try to play them on the xylophone! Try lots of different melodies and note progressions and when you find one you like, repeat it a few times. Thus the melody is memorised. Expand it as you wish and as soon as you like it, you can write down the melody in the staff on the template - so you don't forget it and you can play it again tomorrow!

In case you are not sure where each note belongs in the staff, the template illustrates the notes in the same colors as on the xylophone. For support, you will find the colored notes at the bottom and can see where each is located in the grading system.

Advanced: Write down the newly invented melody in the advanced staff!

When you're done, write your composer name on the sheet below, because this is your work and you should be proud of it!

What is promoted?
Musicality, hearing, assigning tones and notes, self-confidence, creativity, teaching music