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Game idea: Sound stories

Age: From 4 years

Players: Any, an adult or older child narrates the story

What do you need?
Possibly a printout of one of the sound story templates or your own story, which you are welcome to make up. Various Orff instruments, preferably a glockenspiel, a ratchet, a bell stick, a triangle, a rattle, a drum, castanets, maracas, etc. All the instruments you need are included in the 16-piece rhythm set by Schmetterline.

Sound stories 1 and 2
Sound stories 3 and 4

How is it played?
The adult or older child tells a story, for example the one in this game idea - but feel free to invent your own!

Every child can imagine any noises to go with the situations in the story and accompany the story with the instruments at these points.

The instrument suggestions in the story are only intended as suggestions and can be exchanged at will.

The main character in our stories is our dear Willi, who is also the protagonist in our book of the same name “Willie's colors”.

Of course, the sound stories can be reinvented at will, so that the creativity never ends!

To get you started, we offer you some exemplary sound stories.

What is promoted? 
Speech ability, hearing, creativity, concentration