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Game idea: Instrument sudoku

Age: From 5 years

Players: 1 child or more

What do you need?
The printed template for the sudoku tool. It is best for beginners to print out the 2x2 TEMPLATE, advanced users or parents can start with the 3x3 sudoku

2x2 Sudoku
3x3 Sudoku

How is it played?
Each instrument can only appear once in each row, column and in each highlighted square! Complete the white fields with colors and paint the appropriate instrument in the field as well! If the 2x2 sudoku was easy for you, you can go straight to the 3x3 sudoku!


You can also add the instruments to the sudoku by drawing the squares outside with chalk on the ground, inserting the instruments as on the template and then adding to them.

What is promoted? 
Logical thinking, ability to concentrate, fun with puzzles