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Game idea: I plan my week

DIY weekly calendar for kids

Age: from 3 years

Players: Any number of children

What do you need? Paper, paper tape, ruler, scissors, pencils and clothespin

Templates to print: Game idea template calendar

How is it played?
The song "Mein Plan" (included in the song book) is about planning - and so is this great game idea, which is valuable for the whole family.

Print out the templates and use the pictures that match your weekly routine. You cut them out. You can make the calendar with a large piece of paper - draw a column for each day of the week.

Together you can decide what the weekly schedule looks like and stick the pictures on the calendar accordingly. It is best to use paper adhesive tape to stick it on, because it is so easy to remove the pictures from the calendar and stick them somewhere else. The weekly schedule can always be updated together with the children on Sundays if new activities are added or not.

The clothespin can also be painted. It is clipped further to the right every day and all the way to the left at the end of the week so the children know what day of the week it is.

What is promoted?

Planning, organization, discipline, understanding of time, patience, ability to negotiate, logic, enthusiasm for learning