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Game idea: I'll pack my rhythm suitcase

Age: From 5 years

Players: At least 3 children

What do you need?
Many rhythm instruments

How is it played?
All instruments are in the middle of the seating circle. A child begins and says, "I'll pack my rhythm suitcase and I'll take with me...." The sentence is supplemented by the name of the instrument that this child has chosen and at the same time by the sound of the same, ie the child also lets the instrument sound when it is named. After use, the instrument is placed back in the middle.

The next child repeats the sentence, first naming the instrument of their predecessor and adding the name and sound of a second instrument. The third child repeats the phrase, first instrument, second instrument, and then adds a third of their own. Then the next child follows, they play in turn. If a child gets confused or forgets the order, the other children are allowed to help (after waiting for a while). Of course, instruments may also be repeated.

The game continues until none of the children can repeat the sequence correctly. Have fun laughing!

What is promoted? 
Association between instrument and sound, ability to concentrate, ability to remember, team work