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Game idea: I am strong!

Age: From 5 years

Players: At least 3, the more the merrier!

What do you need? Chairs, cushions or other seating options

How is it played?
Form a circle with one less seat than the number of players. Then one child stands in the middle of the circle and everyone else sits down. The child in the middle now names a personal strength that has nothing to do with appearances (example: I'm brave; I'm happy; I'm funny; I'm strong; I'm good at football; I'm good at math; I can tell stories; etc.).

All children who have this characteristic must stand up and swap places with each other as quickly as possible. The child in the middle is also trying to get a seat. The child who didn't get a seat stays in the middle and now names their own strength next.


Alternatively, the child in the middle can mention a mistake they have made before. All the children who do this stand up and switch places.

Examples: I've once... sung a song wrong; a word misspelled; shoes on the wrong way round; etc.

What is promoted?
Recognizing strengths and mistakes, movement, self-confidence, error resilience