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Game idea: Hopping all sorts

Age: From 5 years

Player: Any

What do you need?

Your Bastelino or other elements to set up

How is it played?

Arrange all the wooden figures or elements in a line with approx. 40 cm space between one figure and the next.

All the children stand in a line on one side. On “Go”, the first child begins to hop over each figure, legs closed, back and forth. The next child follows directly and when jumping back, you have to find a way to avoid each other.

On the second pass, each child hops and lands next to each wooden figure with wide legs (to the right and left of the wooden figure) and closes their legs as they hop and land between the wooden figures.

The third run involves jumping sideways. The fourth run involves running sideways (crossing your legs, always between the wooden figures.

On the fifth run, each child can think of any way they like to jump, run, balance or crawl over the wooden figures.

Have fun moving, coordinating and bouncing!

What is promoted?

Fitness, coordination, concentration

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