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Game idea: Noise bingo

Age: From 4 years

Players: From 3 children - the more, the better!

What do you need? Cards with sounds to download - print them out twice.

Musical instruments and objects that make different sounds

Noise Bingo

How is it played?
A child plays the bingo master. All 6 cards are distributed among all children. All the instruments are in a heap on the floor outside of the seating area.

The bingo master draws a card and shows it around. The child who has this card runs to the instruments and chooses the instrument that best reproduces the sound of the card. The instrument is then put back in the instrument corner, the child sits back in the circle and the bingo master draws the next card.

Alternative: try to discover every sound of the cards while walking (without instruments)

What is promoted? 
Creativity, agility, musicality, hearing