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Game idea: Match shapes

Age: From 3 years

Players: 1 child

What do you need?
A sheet of paper and a pen or the template for this game idea and the large or small rhythm set from Schmetterline

match shapes

How is it played?
Option 1 - Paint it yourself:
The child puts all the instruments in front of him and draws them on the piece of paper - just the outlines are enough. It can also place them on the paper and trace them around.

Variant 2 - Print out the template
From now on, both variants continue in the same way: The child matches the instruments to the outlines and places each instrument in the appropriate place. Once all the instruments are on the sheet, the game goes backwards: each instrument is placed back in the box one by one, always naming the instrument being given. Finally, the instruments can be painted in bright colors.

What is promoted? 
A talent for order, recognition and assignment, motor skills, hand-eye coordination