Game idea: Puppet theater

Age: From 6 years

Player: Any


What do you need?

Your Bastelino and/or other dolls/males etc.

How is it played?

Think about which characters will play in your puppet theater.

If you don't have the characters, i.e. these figures, tinker, decorate, glue and paint them accordingly.

Then think of a story in which all the characters can play along: Is it perhaps a family that is planning to go on a trip? Or is it two children playing together? Or is it a king and queen throwing a big feast?

Think about the story, position the characters accordingly and think of what they might say and act them out. Each child can play more than one character, one at a time or at the same time.

How was it when you put yourself in the position of the respective character and role?

What is promoted?

Self-/external image, social skills, creativity, language skills