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Game idea: Colored song sally

Age: From 6 years

Players: 1 child or more

What do you need?
The glockenspiel set or the 16-piece rhythm set with glockenspiel and song book

Excerpt from the song book

How is it played?
The child chooses a song from the song book included with the set - you can start with a familiar one - and then plays the song using the colored notes on the xylophone, oh which the sound tiles have the same colors as the notes in the song book.

If it works smoothly, other music enthusiasts can sing, drum or rattle along.

As a next step, the musician chooses a new song that he doesn't know yet - preferably a shorter one - and plays the tones again according to colour. You can sing to it later. Of course, advanced players can also choose long, unknown songs to play along with!

Have fun learning new songs!

What is promoted? 
Hearing, rhythm, musicality, music theory, logical thinking, assignment of tones and colors, listening comprehension