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Game idea: Emotions mimics

Age: From 4 years

Players: At least two children; the more the better. Adults can play too.

What do you need?
Printed out cards with Emotions (Template) and Musical instruments, for example the 16-piece Rhythm Set from Schmetterline.

Emotions cards

How is it played?
A child takes a card from the stack and briefly considers how the corresponding emotion can be represented - both through body language and facial expressions as well as through expression through musical instruments. It stands in front of the other children and demonstrates the musical facial expressions. Whoever guesses the emotion wins and gets to draw the next card.

Example: If you take a card too “angry”, you have to look correspondingly angry on your face and perhaps drum or rattle very quickly and powerfully or play “angry” music.

However, if you take a card too “happy”, you make a happy face and play a harmonious melody, for example on the glockenspiel.

With smaller children, the adult can draw the cards and do the facial expressions and the children can guess.

What is promoted?
Recognizing emotions, facial expressions, social skills, expressiveness