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Game idea: Double is better!

Age: From 6 years

Players: 2 children

What do you need?
The Tetralino

How is it played?
ach child gets a Tetralino (each with 40 pieces) and places all the wooden pieces on their narrow side in a line about 2 cm apart. The snake can have curves, but not too tight. Each child creates their own snake. When both children have finished standing up, both children hit the first or last Tetralino wooden block at the same time. If all stones fall down to the last one, this player gets a point. If this is not the case, an investigation is carried out: What was the reason? What could be built differently next time? Do the stones have to be closer? Less tight curves? How could it work?

The first to reach 10 points wins!

What is promoted? 
Healthy competition, social skills, logical thinking