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Game Idea: This is my rhythm!

Age: From 4 years

Players: 1 child or more

What do you need?


Grading system for beginners
Grading system for advanced learners

How is it played?

Think of a rhythm, try it out and add other rhythmic progressions. If it sounds good to you, alternately clap it with your hands and drum. Use your whole body as a drum kit: tap your chest, tap your thighs, tap your hands or elbows on the table, and tap your feet on the floor. Your whole body is playing along with your rhythm!

Then, while you listen carefully, decide which beats are long, which are medium, and which are short.

If you have a brother, sister, or friend with you, invite them to join in and complement your rhythm!

For advanced:
Repeat the rhythm over and over, then write it down on the template staff.

If you are not quite sure which notes have a flag and which have an empty or full note belly, look again on the first page of the drum booklet, where the note values are shown in colour.

When you're done, write your name under your composition that you wrote yourself! Congratulations!

What is promoted? 
Hearing, rhythm, creativity, music theory, self-confidence