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Game idea: Rainbow Slalom

Age: from 4 years

Players: 1 child or more

What do you need? The Stapelino

How is it played?

Find a place where you have a safe place to run - also outside if you like! Lay the Stapelino stones on the ground there, about three to four foot lengths apart. If you want, you can place the stones in the order they appear on a rainbow: purple - blue - light blue - green - light green - yellow - orange - red (or vice versa). Then run around the stones in the slalom (that means around one stone to the left, around the next one to the right, then left again, then right again and so on) to the end and then back again. Do you dare have an adult time you and then try again and see if you've improved compared to yourself?

What is promoted? Movement, coordination, measuring yourself