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Wie wollen wir die Welt um uns herum sehen? - SCHMETTERLINE

How do we want to see the world around us?

How do we want to see the world around us?

"But today is a stupid day".


"Because I wasn't allowed to jump in the nice puddles."

"I thought the day was great because we got to drink hot chocolate."

Every child sees the world around them differently. Why do some people see what they like and others what they don't like?

We at Schmetterline have been asking ourselves this question for a long time and this is how our new book "Willi's Magic Glasses" came about.

Willi experiences different situations in this book and the alternative ways he can see the world around him are shown - without judgment.

In this way, every child can see that they can also decide for themselves how they want to perceive and experience the world around them.

All emotions and perspectives are valid - but above all: the child realizes that it can influence this decision itself.

This realization fills them with joy and the impression that they have a piece of their lives in their own hands.

This is exactly what makes us at Schmetterline happy.

Tell us how you work with the book!

All the best,

Vanessa and Annette

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