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Spielsachen für Autistische Kinder: Eine Mama teilt ihre Erkenntnisse und Beobachtungen

Toys for Autistic Children: A mom shares her insights and observations

Toys for Autistic Children: A mom shares her insights and observations

Dear Diary,

Today I want to share my thoughts on which toys can be particularly nurturing and useful for autistic children. As the mother of a wonderful autistic child, I have learned and researched a lot over time to provide him with the best possible support. I came across interesting studies that helped me to better understand my child's needs.

1. Sensory toys: feeling the world

One finding that I particularly remember from my research concerns the importance of sensory experiences for autistic children. Studies have shown that sensory toys that offer different texture and touch experiences are extremely beneficial for stimulating the tactile sense and promoting sensory integration. This includes things like modeling clay with different consistencies, touch books with different surfaces, but also colorful lights or gentle vibrations.

2. Constructive toys: stimulate thinking skills

Constructive toys such as building blocks, jigsaw puzzles and plug-in games are not only entertaining but also promote cognitive development and fine motor skills. Studies have shown that children with autism often have a keen interest in structured play that allows them to identify patterns and solve problems. These types of games offer them an opportunity to train their thinking skills while increasing their concentration.

3. Communication-enhancing toys: expressing the world

Communication is a particular challenge for many autistic children. This is where toys that support communication in a non-verbal way can make a big difference. Studies have shown that picture books, dolls or toys that depict emotions or enable role play can help to strengthen social and communication skills. Such toys provide a natural platform for the expression of thoughts and feelings.

4. Soothing Toys: Stress relief and relaxation

Autistic children can often be sensitive to stimuli and experience stress. Soothing toys like swings, water games, or sand games can have a calming effect and help reduce stress. Studies have shown that such toys support sensory regulation and can help autistic children to calm down and relax.

5. Consider individual interests: celebrate uniqueness

Every autistic child is unique, with their own preferences and interests. An important principle I learned during my research is to consider my child's individual interests. Studies have emphasized that children with autism can often become very passionate about specific topics or activities. By choosing toys that appeal to these interests, I can not only encourage play but also increase my child's enthusiasm for learning and discovery.

Overall, I think there is a wide range of toys that can help autistic children develop their skills, reduce stress, and express themselves. It is important to consider the individual needs of each child and adjust the toys accordingly. During my own journey as a mom, I've found that it's not just about what toys we choose, but how we use them together to foster joy, connection and development.

With love,

A reflective mom

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