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Holzlernspiele im Grundschulalter: Eine perfekte Kombination

Wooden learning games for elementary school age: a perfect combination

Wooden learning games for elementary school age: a perfect combination

Primary school is an important moment in a child's life. The transition from kindergarten to elementary school begins an exciting journey of learning and discovery. To support this exciting time and to make the start of school even more exciting, wooden learning games are an excellent choice. In this article we will focus specifically on our math domino game called "Mathemino" and explain why this game is perfect for elementary school age.

The importance of educational games

The transition to elementary school brings with it many new challenges. Children need to develop their cognitive, motor and social skills. Educational games offer a fun way to develop these skills and help children learn through play. Wooden learning games are particularly beneficial as they enable tactile learning and appeal to children's sensory perception.


A wooden domino game that encourages math: Mathemino is an amazing wooden domino game specially designed for elementary school age children. The game consists of lovingly designed wooden blocks with mathematical operations. It offers a playful introduction to the world of mathematics and promotes important skills such as counting, logical thinking and problem solving.

Why the Mathemino is perfect for school enrollment:

  • Mathematical basics: Mathemino teaches children the mathematical basics of addition, subtraction and multiplication in a playful way. These skills lay an important foundation for mathematics lessons in elementary school.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: By placing the wooden bricks, children train their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. This is important for writing, drawing and other school activities.
  • Creative Thinking: Mathemino encourages children to think creatively and discover new ways of combining and arranging the bricks. This encourages their problem-solving skills and imagination.

The Mathemino is an outstanding example of a wooden domino game that teaches mathematical basics in a playful way. In addition, there are a variety of other wooden educational games that promote children's cognitive and motor skills. Through the use of such games, parents and educators can help children in primary school age develop their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

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