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Die Magie des Zeitlesens: Wie Kinder die Zeit lernen können und wie die Holz-Lernuhr von Schmetterline dabei hilft

The magic of reading the time: How children can learn the time and how the wooden learning clock from Schmetterline helps

The magic of reading the time: How children can learn the time and how the wooden learning clock from Schmetterline helps

The ability to tell time is an important milestone in a child's development. It not only enables them to organize everyday life, but also to take on responsibility. But learning this skill can be a real challenge for many children. In this blog article we will discuss how children can learn the time and how our wooden learning clock "Kronolino" can be a valuable help.

Why is reading time so important?

Time is an abstract concept that can be difficult for children to grasp. However, understanding time is a key skill for their academic and social development. Here are some reasons why time reading is important:

1. Everyday organization: Children learn to plan their time and coordinate their daily activities. This promotes independence and helps to cope with everyday school life.

2. Responsibility: Time reading helps children take responsibility for their tasks and obligations. You learn to be punctual and take your obligations seriously.

3. Social Interaction: Understanding time is important for keeping appointments and meeting friends and family. It also promotes the ability to work in a group and plan joint activities.

How children can learn time

Time reading can be a fun and educational experience for children. Here are some tried-and-true ways for children to learn to tell time:

1. Visual Learning: Parents and educators can use visual aids such as clocks and calendars to show children how time is represented. The wooden learning clock "Kronolino" from Schmetterline is a perfect example of such a tool.

2. Playful Exercises: Games and activities that promote time reading skills can help children grasp concepts through play. Here are some game ideas that we have developed for this.

3. Everyday relevance: Parents can show their children how they can use time in everyday life. You can discuss routines, schedules and how to deal with waiting times.

Kronolino from Schmetterline: The wooden learning clock that helps

The "Kronolino" wooden learning clock is a valuable educational tool that helps children learn the time in a playful way. Here's how Kronolino can help:

1. Aesthetic Design: The Kronolino is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The harmonious rainbow colors and child-friendly shapes attract children's attention and make learning fun.

2. Sustainable and safe: Made from high quality wood and non-toxic paints, the Kronolino meets the highest safety standards and ensures peace of mind when playing and learning.

3. Playful learning: The Kronolino teaches children an understanding of time and timing in a playful way. It helps them understand the concepts of hours and minutes.

The wooden learning clock "Kronolino" from Schmetterline is not only an educational aid, but also a wonderful gift for children!

Overall, reading time is an important skill that supports children on their path to independence and independence. With the help of educational tools like the Kronolino, parents and educators can facilitate and enhance children's journey to understanding time.

All love,

Your Annette and Vanessa from Schmetterline

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